Why Us

At Guide Me Trading, you will learn the basics of online trading, Forex history and structure. During this process, you will understand what you need to know about trading online.

Guide Me Trading helps people take control of their financial future. Our strategy empowers investors and traders to make better investment decisions through hands-on learning, putting strategies into action. Students are taught trading skills and practice it live.

Guide Me Trading are committed to both excellence in educating and support, enhancing the learning experience of individual trader. Guide Me Trading provide an education, administered in a flexible nature. It provides a unique insight as to why traders frequently lose, and how, by working with us this can be corrected.

All our educators believe that when you start with a great education, good things can happen. We are passionate in providing innovative, practical, affordable education and in helping all traders on a one to one level to make sure that each course is tailored to suit their individual needs.

Our motives are learning, improving, pushing further, and always demanding higher standards; keeping the Guide Me Trading at the forefront of trading education. Through this we leverage our knowledge and expertise on a global platform, providing all beginners with a comprehensive toolkit to begin a successful trading career.
Why study online?

Guide Me Trading strongly believes that online education is the best solution for those who want to increase their skills and develop without compromising work, family existence and other commitments. The times of traveling great distance, at great expense, to sit in a class room are becoming extra disturbing. More importantly the eradication of this period means you have far more time for what matters to you, your life, your dreams, your goals and that is one of our major objectives. Our believe is that your studies should fit into your lifestyle not the other way around. We are experienced at catering for all level. Guide Me Trading, we understand that every student has a different style of learning that works for them. Our learning resources are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Why choose Guide Me Trading

Professional support

Guide Me Trading provide whole expert supports to all our attendees which is the foundation of our achievement and something we are extraordinarily pleased with. Our determination is to help all traders, be professional or beginner, grow and expand their skills. Guide Me Trading realise how isolating trading can be and try to eradicate this by offering support to all attendees at the Guide Me Trading. Alongside our teachers, our help crew are equally as passionate about trading and are ready to transfer this passion to all attendees.


Better teachings

The joint experience of the founders and teachers gives the academy of Guide Me Trading the ability to isolate and compress some of the most vital and regularly unnoticed areas of trading and develop upon those to train the individual trader to the best standard. Many times the best traders cannot teach and the educators do not trade profitably. Guide Me Trading has observed this area of interest that exists and the demand from traders for real traders with individual trading experience, who have genuinely educated countless traders to the very best standard.


Better education

Guide Me Trading trusts in transparency and integrity above everything else. Problems occur in trading, as in normal existence, which cannot be predicted. Those events in trading may revolve around natural disasters or a different phenomenon. These activities cannot be predicted with any level certainty and also the opportunities are missed completely by most other trading styles. That is not the case for technical analysts as we are not always asking why. We see, receive and trade accordingly.