Friday, January 27, 2023
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Predicting The Impress Of Gold Is A Fool’s Game

It is frustrating at times to see the attention focused on predictions for the price of gold. The more sensational and spectacular the price forecast, the greater the cacophony. It is worth taking a look back at a few of these predictions to help put things in perspective. HEADLINE: Gold Forecast $ 6000, And Gold…

Metals Aged in Fresh British Coins

We handle coins on a daily basis. We talk about their worth, and collectors like us discuss their designs in great detail. But without the coin is some precious metal we rarely investigate what metals make up the coin and why they were used. So I thought I would. Can we use any metal? Actually,…

Critical Aspects To Be Kept in Mind While Promoting Gold

World has plenty of gold, which is mined. The mining activity gave the result to hundreds and thousands of gold ounces. The deposits of gold are usually at shallow depths. You can buy or sell it in the markets. You can also sell silver, gems or scrap gold in the markets. It is considered that…