About Us

With a distinct desire to meeting the needs of our audience and be their number one reference site for quality trading education, Guide Me Trading is poised to take traders’ experiences to the next level and become a name to reckon with in financial trading education. Our commitment is to provide excellence in teaching and support, and also enhancing the learning experience of each traders. We offer cutting edge education, delivered in a flexible nature. We provide a unique insight and offer explanation for a trader’s lack of successful in this business – and when we do work together, we can achieve great results.

It is of great interest that individuals can be objectively be let into trading activities and after leading the rudiments, becomes an authority in this field. Litter wonder that Guide Me Trading continues to grow and be such a success.

Guide Me Trading was born out of the necessity to create value rather than design. Simply put, for so long, people have had to pay too much for trading education and get little in return. At Guide Me Trading, we believe that when you start with a good education, great things can happen. We are passionate in providing practical, innovative, affordable education and in assisting all prospective online traders at a one-on-one level to ensure that each course is tailored to their individual needs.

Today, Guide Me Trading builds on the successes – thanks to our clear vision, our values strictly enforced and most importantly, our people. We always encourage independence of thought where staff and online traders are guided comprehensively and are encouraged to reach their full potential.

In all that we do, we are always learning, to better our ways, always demanding higher standards, always pushing further, and keeping Guide Me Trading in the forefront of trading education and pointing prospective traders where to trade stocks online. By doing this, we use our knowledge and expertise on a global platform, providing all participants with a comprehensive toolkit to start a successful trading career.

Guide Me Trading is headed by renowned professionals who have acquired immense experience over the years and are willing to offer their expertise until you succeed in your online venture. They have traded live fund profitably for many years and still counting. We believe that everyone can benefit from our experience without having to go along that rough and tough road of financial pain.

We can partner with you and help bring your dreams to fruition, as we know that success abounds only to those that press for it and that is what we desire to see in our students. But the trade market can be a complex terrain to navigate without prior knowledge; with us on board, your success just kick-off on the right track as we will hold you by hand and walk you through all the complexities that can be a cog in your wheel of progress.

Experience success in online trading through our platform only if you can take the plunge, and you will be riding on the crest of financial freedom in years to come.